About Groove-V Productions live streaming and other services

Groove-V productions specializes in event capture and sports broadcasting via live streaming or traditional video production services.  We create corporate promotional videos, training videos, plus sport and audition reels.

We started our video production company formally in 2010. We have small studio for filming and voice overs onsite. We also have a broadcast trailer to bring production services to your music or sporting event.  

Our video production services and web streaming are based out of Penticton BC, serving the Okanagan Valley and abroad.

What is Groove v Productions

Demo reel on event capture and sport broadcasting for video production and live streaming.

What Groove-V specializes in


Event Capture

Sport Broadcasting

Promotional Video

Festival and Event video production...we can attend your festival or event and bring a production truck worth of gear and technology, without a big crew or costs to produce and record the event. 

The LIVE content can be transmitted to big screens on site, streamed over the internet (live streaming), or recorded for use later. 

We employ multi-camera broadcast switchers and state of the art equipment to capture all the action in stunning High Definition. 

Our team will help to bring the event to life, extend your audience, and capture HD video content for post-production and marketing campaigns.



Promotional Video

Sport Broadcasting

Promotional Video

A promotional video allows organizations to quickly and powerfully communicate the main features of their products or services. An effective promotional video should be engaging, memorable and grab the attention of your customers. 

Anyone can record a video on their smartphone, but if you want professional audio, framing of the shot, video production experience, and the technical knowledge to make your video stand out...Groove-V can help!

We can create a cinematic flair with professional grade 4K cameras, shotgun and lavliair microphones, prime lenses, and other tools such as sliders, jibs and gimbals.


Sport Broadcasting

Sport Broadcasting

Sport Broadcasting

Our team of video professionals, play by play announcers, and crew can take your sporting event and expand your reach to a global market by live streaming your own broadcast. 

In our video production we use multiple cameras, instant replay, announcers, score board text and graphics to add professionalism thus ensuring the viewer is engaged.  We also offer pay per view (PPV) web streaming services to create a revenue stream.

Groove V Productions is a broadcast partner for HockeyTV, live streaming over 400 games a season to their PPV (pay per view) live sport stream network.