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Groove-V productions specializes in corporate video, training, and marketing video for business. Groove-V productions also specializes in event capture and sports broadcasting. A promotional video allows organizations to quickly and powerfully communicate the main features of their products or services. An effective promotional video should be engaging, memorable and grab the attention of your customers.


Corporate video: commercials on the internet have really changed the way companies can get their message or product out to the masses. With social media and so much online content, the savvy company has resorted to short commercials on their website or Facebook page to enhance their marketing and branding. Now commercials are very affordable and advertisers have greater opportunities and mediums to broadcast their message. Corporate video lets you explain your company or business philosophy in an engaging manner. Anyone can shoot video, but there is a skillset required to create a story that conveys the message and branding required. We have the professional grade equipment from HD video cameras, pro lighting and sound plus a studio with post-production services.


Groove-V Productions can produce 5 second to 15 second mini-commercials or full length commercials, infomercials, training, product release, and company profiles.

We can stream press conferences, training, or webinars LIVE or achieve to later release.

Event Capture: typically Festival and Event production...we can attend your festival or event and bring a production truck worth of gear and technology to produce and record LIVE content to be transmitted on big screens, streamed over the internet, or recorded for use later. We employ multi-camera broadcast switchers and state of the art equipment to capture all the action in stunning High Definition. Our team will help to bring the event to life, extend your audience, and capture HD video content for post-production and marketing campaigns.


Groove-V productions also produces sports reels and audition reels for music and dance. To showcase your talent to scouts, schools or booking agencies with a video is an excellent way to provide a look into your skillset, presence and abilities.

Event Video Production

Sports Broadcast: Our team of video professionals, play by play announcers, and crew can take your sporting event and expand your reach to a global market by streaming your own broadcast. We use multiple cameras, instant replay, announcers, score board text and graphics to add professionalism thus ensuring the viewer is engaged.

Live Broadcast

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